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Welcome to Lanarkshire Oil Club

Many homes and businesses in rural South Lanarkshire are not served by the mains gas network and rely on more expensive forms of heating for their homes and hot water.

By bringing together the collective buying power of users of oil fuelled heating in Lanarkshire, The Rural Development Trust are working to help householders across the county to access competitive prices to reduce their heating bills.

The heating oil club is a new way to order heating oil, an independent community that not only saves you money, but is also completely FREE. The Rural Development Trust don’t add anything to the price and there are no hidden costs, we’re here to help you save money on your home heating oil; that’s it! The Club is entirely free - to join and use. You only ever pay for the oil you order and we don’t add anything to the price!

The more people who join this independent heating oil buying community, the greater our collective buying power and the greater the savings we can achieve. It’s all about us all banding together, for the benefit of everyone.

It’s all about us all ordering our heating oil together and the power that represents — our buying power. Instead of being lots of small individuals ordering separately, we’re one big community, able to demand better service and greater savings.

Please help spread the word about the Lanarkshire Oil Club. The more of us that join in, the greater our buying power and the more we can all save.

You can also order bulk supplies of Red Diesel and Derv via the club.

What are the benefits?

Single point of contact (no ringing around suppliers to compare quotes)

Enhanced buying power

Maximum savings for all members, especially for customers ordering small amounts

Regular purchase dates (and reminders!)

Ability to place smaller, more frequent order + spread the cost = no need to risk running low in order to secure a better price for a large order

Deliveries are scheduled together so the number of trucks coming into the local area can be significantly reduced - reducing the carbon footprint and the heavy vehicle traffic through the local community