An Agreement made between the:

South Lanarkshire Rural Oil Club                 (the Club)

The Member

IT IS AGREED as follows:-

Definitions. In this agreement:

  1. Member shall mean any person, firm or company who has signed this Agreement known as the Members Agreement in accordance with the Articles of Association.
  1. Club shall mean the South Lanarkshire Rural Oil Club
  1. Oil shall mean heating oil and red diesel or any other oils offered by the Club

The Club’s Purpose

  1. The purpose of the Club is to procure oil on behalf of members, to improve our own members’ businesses.
  1. To negotiate discounts with oil suppliers by collating members’ orders and bulk purchasing oil.

The Club’s Obligations are:-

  1. To negotiate on behalf of members for the supply oil.
  1. To provide members with a calendar of deadlines for submitting their order with the Club. The Club will negotiate and place the order with the chosen oil supplier on the next working day after the deadline.

I the Member agree:

  1. That on signing this agreement I become a Member of the Club and thereby abide by the Articles of Association of the Club and abide by this Agreement.
  1. To provide a valid email address for communication with the Club.
  1. That all payments of invoices must be made by me, as a Club member, directly to the supplier for each delivery, as requested by the supplier.  If payment is in dispute for any reason my membership may be suspended until the matter is resolved.
  1. That the Club will have no liability to me for any claims that may arise between the Club’s supplier and me for any supply contract I may take out with them and the invoicing/payment thereof.
  1. That I am responsible for the payment of any financial penalties applied by  the supplier resulting from the cancellation of my order,
  1. That it is my responsibility to ensure that I am able to accept the ordered delivery literage and that the oil tank meets all relevant environmental and safety regulations.
  1. It is my responsibility to ensure that fuel purchased through the South Lanarkshire Rural Oil Club is used only for legal and legitimate uses.
  1. I accept that if I do not adhere to the conditions of this Agreement I may be expelled as a Member of the Club as per Club’s Articles of Association.

Data Protection (GDPR)

Here at Lanarkshire Oil Club we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us.

On a monthly basis this will normally consist of 3 emails, one to advise that the club is open for orders, a second to remind you about the deadline and finally an email to advise you of the prices achieved.

We require to pass your information to the suppliers when requesting quotes, we DO NOT sell your information.


  1. Members must be a business or individual within the proximity of South Lanarkshire.
  1. Members are free to order oil outside of the Club.
  1. The minimum oil order that can be placed is 500 litres per oil type.
  1. Members all pay the same price per litre, regardless of the size or frequency of their orders.
  1. The Members Agreement may be modified by the Club with the agreement with a majority of those present at a general meeting.
  1. The Member and the Club understand that this agreement is written in plain language and may therefore not cover every legal eventuality. The parties agree to be fair and reasonable at all times when administering this Agreement. In the event of any dispute on interpretation it shall be resolved by arbitration as per the Club’s Articles of Association.
  1. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of Scotland.