The ordering process is as follows:

  1. Join the Oil Club
  2. At least once per month you will receive an email inviting you to order oil, currently you can order, kerosene, red diesel and derv
  3. If you wish to order you log onto the website and place your order - it's important to note that you are commiting to buy the oil you order (you will see confirmation of the order on the website as well as receive a confirmation email)
  4. Once the ordering deadline has passed the club emails details of the orders to as many suppliers as possible inviting them to quote for the orders
  5. Once the lowest price has been determined the club will confirm the order with the supplier and also email you to let you know the price and supplier.
  6. The supplier will contact you direct to arrange payment and delivery

Note: The club will place the order for each oil type with the supplier offering the lowest price and therefore if you order more than 1 type of oil you may get a different supplier for each type of oil - the goal is to get you the lowest price.